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CoalaWeb Coupons Terms of Use

Written by Steven Palmer Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Using a CoalaWeb coupon code while purchasing CoalaWeb products or services implies that the user/customer has both read and accepted these Terms of Use. CoalaWeb reserves the right to modify or change the current Terms of Use for coupon codes without prior notice.


As with the majority of discount coupons you can use the coupon code to get a discount before paying, until the expiration date of the coupon code, within the limits outlined for it. You cannot combine it with any other coupon codes, discounts or special promotions. You cannot exchange it for money, subscription time or anything else. We also reserve the right to modify or terminate coupon codes without prior notification.

In-Depth Description


Our Site
Refers to CoalaWeb's main website
Refers to any software and or download services subscription currently available for sale on Our Site.
Subscription Page
Refers to any page on Our Site which lets you purchase any of Our Subscriptions.
Coupon Code
Refers to any discount code you can enter into the Coupon Code field of any Subscription Page.
Regular Price
Refers to the price of any of Our Subscriptions before any discount or tax is applied to it.
Automatic Discount
Refers to reduction of the Regular Price applied automatically by Our Site’s e-commerce system and visible on the Subscription Page. This includes but is not limited to discounts applied automatically in the following occasions: when repurchasing a subscription while it is still active in your account, before it expires; when purchasing a subscription while holding another active subscription that qualifies you for an automatic discount.
Refers to any price reduction applied to the Regular Price either automatically or as a result of a Coupon Code or Automatic Discount.


Occasionally CoalaWeb publishes time/use limited Coupon Codes as part of special promotions such as major holidays and or event. Coupon Codes are typically delivered by one of the following means: announced on social media such as Twitter and or Facebook; Our Site (e.g. blog, documentation etc); on-line, print or other physical advertisement material; delivered in personal messages for special cases (e.g. when a client has bought a subscription in error).

We do not share our Coupon Codes in Coupon Exchange sites. Coupon Codes on such sites rarly work as they are usually outdated and or already canceled. Furthermore, Coupon Codes which do not originate from us do not bind us in any way whatsoever.

Modes of delivery

Coupon Codes can be delivered either standalone or as part of a specially formed URL. Most Coupon Codes we announce are typically of the standalone kind. A standalone code looks like this:


Specially formed URLs are mostly used whenever we need to convey a coupon code that applies to a specific subscription or client. A specially formed URL looks like this:

Please note that the above examples are for illustration purposes only and will not work on Our Site.


Coupon Codes are only valid on the Subscription Page of Our Site. They are not valid for use on any other site, including any site offerring services related to our software or reselling our software legally or illegally.

Coupon Codes delivered standalone can be used with any of Our Subscriptions unless explicitly stated otherwise. In the latter case wording similar to valid only for XYZ is used, meaning that the coupon code is only valid if used to purchase a XYZ subscription.

Coupon Codes delivered through a specially formed URL can only be used for the subscription pointed to by the URL. If the URL points to a subscription selection page the Coupon Code can be used with any of Our Subscriptions unless explicitly stated otherwise. In this case the same provisions as the paragraph above apply.

Validity Period

All of our coupon codes come with an expiration date. We may define a date either explicitly e.g. alid until June 1st, 2018 or implicitly e.g. valid until the end of May.

All dates are expressed in GMT timezone. If a time is not specified it is 00:00:00 (midnight).

If a year and / or month is not defined it is the year and month, respectively, when the message was posted. In the case of a Coupon Code announce at an event or social function it is the year and month the event takes place. If an event spans two months it is the second month, e.g. if an event is organized May 30th to June 1st then the month to take into account is June.

If no validity period is specified it is implied to be one calendar week (7 days) since the day of the post containing the Coupon Code.


Coupon Codes come with limitations to prevent abuse. Typically they can only be used once per user account and by a maximum of 100 users. We reserve the right to revise these limits without prior notice.

Discount Calculation

The Discount is always calculated against the Regular Price. A Coupon Code will give you either a fixed discount or a percentage discount.

In the case of a fixed discount we explicitly state the discount amount in a format customary to the target audience and always expressed in US dollars. For example $10 Dollars, $10 or $10.00 all refer to a Discount of ten US Dollars and zero US cents.

In the case of a percentage discount we explicitly state the discount as a percentage of the Regular Price. For example 20% means that the Discount will be 20% of the Regular Price. For a subscription with a Regular Price of 40 Dollars this would mean 40 US Dollars times 20% = 8 US Dollars and zero US cents.

If the Discount exceeds the Regular Price then the Discount is to be assumed equal to the Regular Price. Explicitly, there will never be a negative payment, discount or refund if the Discount exceeds the Regular Price.

New York State Sales Tax

The Discount granted by the use of the Coupon Code does not relieve you from the obligation to pay New York State Sales Tax if you reside in the state of New York. According to the legislation 8.88% is applied to the Regular Price after the Discount has been subtracted.

Example: Regular Price $40, Discount $10, New York State Sales Tax Rate 8.88%. The taxable amount is $40 minus $10 = $30. The Tax is $30 times 8.88% = $2.66. The payable amount is $30 + $2.66 = 32 US Dollars and 66 US Cents

Our site informs you about the Regular Price, Discount and Tax rate applied. Before assuming a coupon code does not work please check whether Tax is being charged.

Combination with other Coupon Codes and Automatic Discounts

  • Discounts granted by Coupon Codes and Automatic Discounts cannot be applied additively.
  • You cannot combine two or more Coupon Codes.
  • Only one Coupon Code can be used at any time.
  • You cannot combine the discount of a Coupon Code and an Automatic Discount. If there is both an Automatic Discount in effect and a Coupon Code is provided only the highest discount will be applied.
Example 1: The Automatic Discount gives you a Discount of $2 and the Coupon Code gives you a Discount of $8 then the total discount applied is $8.
Example 2: The Automatic Discount gives you a Discount of $10 and the Coupon Code gives you a Discount of $8 then the total discount applied is $10.

Furthermore you cannot combine two or more Coupon Codes with an Automatic Discount. You will need to pick one of the Coupon Codes and enter it on the Subscription Page. The rules described in the paragraph above will be applied in this case.

Transaction Finalization

Coupon Codes will not be retroactively applied to finalized transactions. Coupon Codes can only be applied on our Subscription Page at the time of purchase, before you finalize the payment. When you finalize the payment the transaction is final and the Coupon Code can be no longer applied to it.

Explicitly, any full or partial refund request involving a Coupon Code not being applied will be denied. The same goes for requests to exchange a Coupon Code for subscription time, services or anything else per the No Exchange section below.

No Exchange

Coupon Codes are designed and intended to only give you a Discount when purchasing one of Our Subscriptions on Our Site. They cannot be exchanged for cash, refund (whole or partial), credit, another subscription, subscription extension (subscription time), services or anything else whatsoever.

Modification and Termination

CoalaWeb reserves the right to modify or terminate any aspect of a Coupon Code including but limited to the discount, validity period, applicability and limitation at any time without prior notification. Any modification or termination is not retroactive; if you’ve already used the coupon code the transaction is finalized and we won’t ask you for more money.


No exceptions to these Terms will be granted under any circumstances.

How To Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please send us an email at


We will be glad to help you with any general or technical questions.