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Translation Guide

If you have the skills and need a CoalaWeb extension in a particular language have a look through this guide which covers the official process. If you help out with an extension that has a Pro version you will bag yourself a copy so why not read on to find out how.

Table of Contents

  1. Where are the language files stored?
  2. Who manages the translation process?
  3. What's in it for me?
  4. Need More Help?

The Official Way to translate a CoalaWeb extension

Where are the language files stored?

All our language packs are created through the powerful online translation environment Transifex. So the first thing you will need to do if you want contribute is create a free account over at Transifex. If you haven't already got one, head over to the Transifex Signup page and get started.

Once Some or All of the language files of particular extension have been translated they will be available in the Language Download Area as an installable language pack.

Note: Only 100% completed language files will be included in the language pack when downloaded.

Who manages the translation process?

The management of our language packs has been handed over to the fantastic Joomla translation group known as the OpenTranslators.

The OpenTranslators takes care of the translation teams which are grouped by language and which ultimately do the translations. By joining a team managed by the OpenTranslators you will not only get access to CoalaWeb extensions but a huge list of Joomla extensions entrusted to the OpenTranslators and the list is growing everyday.

So now that you have created a Transifex account the next step is requesting to join a language team. The process of joining a team can take some time so please be patient but if you don't get an answer for an extend period of time just let me know and I will make some inquires for you.

What's in it for me?

If you completely translate all the language files for a CoalaWeb extension that includes a Pro version I'll send you a copy of the Pro version for free. When I release an update if you translate the newly added language strings I will also send you a copy of the Pro version.

For the CoalaWeb Core extensions you obviously get to use it in your chosen language and on top of that you will get a warm fuzzy feeling for helping out the community.

Need more help?

Do you have a question that wasn't covered by this GUIDE? Then it's time to drop by the Forum
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