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Google Maps API Key

Are you are a CoalaWeb Contact Pro subscriber and you want to use the Google maps feature? In most cases you will need a Google Maps API Key but don'y worry we cover the process in this small step by step guide.

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After about 10 years of allowing keyless use Google Maps as of the 22nd of June 2016 has started requiring an API key. If you have started using Google Maps on or after that date then you will need to sign up for and create a free API key.

Note: Older users still do not need an API key so you can try without one first if you like.

Before we get started I would like to point out that the Google API interface does appeared to be geared towards developers so it can be a bit confusing for the average user. Having said that if you follow the steps covered in this guide you should be up and running in no time.

Create a Google Maps API Key

Following the steps outlined below to create and implement a free Google Maps API Key

  1. Start Google’s Get a Key process and then log into your Google account (or create a new one).

  2. Click Agree and continue to create a new project for your specific website. [Figure-1]


  1. Under Accept requests, add the two entries below (replacing with your own domain). Type the first entry then hit enter on your keyboard to add it. Repeat to add the second entry. Having both entries (with asterisks) will help ensure your maps work on any URL related to your website. [Figure-2]



  1. Click Create and then Copy your newly created key that will display in the next screen. [Figure-3]


  1. Now you have your new API Key it's time to use it by pasting it into the API Key field found in the CoalaWeb Contact Component Options under the Map tab. [Figure-4]


Note: Google claims it can take up to 5 minutes for your key to become active but I have heard reports of it taking 30 minutes or longer so please be patient if your map doesnt display right away.

Need More Help

Do you have a question that wasn't covered by this GUIDE? Try the FAQ
Do you have a question that wasn't covered by this GUIDE or the FAQ? Then it's time to drop by the Forum

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