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Create Facebook Application

Up until recently the Facebook share option had been using the FB Sharer code but FB announced that they have deprecated this code in preference of their new Share Dialog system, which requires a FB App ID. Don’t worry it’s an easy process which we will walk your through in this Guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Register and Configure App
  3. Extra Security
  4. Need More Help?


I have tried to maintain a step by step guide on how to create a Facebook App but due to the constant stream of changes Facebook keeps making to their interface I have decided it's best if users consult the guide provided by Facebook. Their guide will always contains the most up to date information.

While working your way through their guide I recommend returning here to get tips and help with what settings to choose.

Register and Configure an App

To get start click Here and follow along with the guide consulting the tips below when needed.

Note: If you are only using Facebook to manage pages, these instructions will not work you will need a personal Facebook account to continue.


When you are creating your Facebook App use the setting below where applicable. [Figure-1]

  • Platform Website
  • Namespace Leave Blank
  • Category Choose Utilities
  • App Domains Enter your website domain i.e where the extension is installed leaving out the http.
  • Site URL Enter your website domain i.e where the extension is installed including the http.
Use the top level domain in the App Domains and Site URL options then you can also use it for sub domains.


You can now copy your App ID and paste it into the Facebook App ID field under the General tab in the CoalaWeb Social Links component settings. [Figure-2]


If you are CoalaWeb Social Links Pro subscriber and you want to get Facebook counts using the inbuilt count system you can also add your new Facebook App ID and Secret to the Facebook options under the Counts tab. [Figure-3]


Extra Security

The Extra Security setting in the CoalaWeb Social Links Pro count system uses a security feature provided by Facebook to help stop hijacking of the App token and is called App Secret Proof. The App Secret Proof feature is disabled by default when you create a new App. To enable it for your App you will need to go to your App dashboard and do the following. [Figure-4]

  • In the column on the left click on Settings.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to the Security section.
  • Find the toggle for App Secret Proof for Server API calls and click it to enable it.


Now that the Facebook App is ready you can head back to the Social Links component options and turn on FB Extra Security under the Counts tab. [Figure-5]


Need More Help

Do you have a question that wasn't covered by this GUIDE? Try the FAQ
Do you have a question that wasn't covered by this GUIDE or the FAQ? Then it's time to drop by the Forum

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