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The sale of CoalaWeb subscriptions are currently suspended. I will be posting more information very soon. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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Versions System Parts

To give you a quick overview of all the parts that go together to make up the CoalaWeb Versions extension I have written this short summary. It will help give you good understanding of whats included in the system as well as outlining what version each part belongs to.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Plugins


CoalaWeb Versions gives Joomla administrators the power to display their minimum supported versions plus retrieve and display current versions in any Joomla content item. It comes packed with options making it very flexible.

When installing all the parts of the system will be installed at the same time making installing, upgrading and uninstalling a breeze.


Content - CoalaWeb Versions

CoalaWeb Versions Display the current and or supported Joomla versions plus for Pro subscribers their currently supported PHP, MySQL, Browser and up to 3 Custom versions. Pro subscribers can also display the version of a currently installed extension and or an extension based on it's update XML file. All this with just a simple bit of plugin code in any Joomla content items such as articles and or custom modules. [Figure 1]


System - Gears

CoalaWeb Gears is a system plugin that is included with all CoalaWeb extensions. Think of it as a Swiss army knife full of great little tools that you can use with or without a CoalaWeb extension. [Figure 2]


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