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Traffic System Parts

To give you a quick overview of all the parts that go together to make up the CoalaWeb Traffic extension I have written this short summary. It will help give you good understanding of whats included in the system as well as outlining what version each part belongs to.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Component
  3. Modules
  4. Plugins


CoalaWeb Traffic is a Joomla extension designed to keep track of the visitors to your site. You can choose to display the modules and let visitors see and be amazed by your traffic or unpublish the module and view your website statistics in the Admin area.

When installing all the parts of the system will be installed at the same time making installing, upgrading and uninstalling a breeze.


The Component makes setting up the system plugins a breeze as well as seeing in depth visitor information, Geo location options, export reports, Charts [Pro] and much more. [Figure-1]



Modules - Admin

Traffic Stats [Pro]

This module displays CoalaWeb Traffic information in the Joomla control panel making it quick and easy to check when logged into the back end of a Joomla website. [Figure-9]


Modules - Site


This Module gives you the option to display your websites traffic to other visitors with a tonne of configuration options to help integrate it into your website. [Figure-2]


Traffic Pro [Pro]

This module displays the recorded visitors to your site, current visitor information such as browser and operating system plus who is online. The content of the module is fully responsive and it comes packed with style and layout options to make it as flexible as possible. [Figure-7]


Traffic Places [Pro]

This module displays site visitor Country and City counts. The content of the module is fully responsive and it comes packed with with style and layout options to make it as flexible as possible.[Figure-8]



System - CW Traffic Count

This plugin is crucial to functionality of the system it quietly counts the visits to your site and then records them in the database. It allows you to count the traffic to your site even with the module unpublished and also ensures all traffic is record regardless of the part of the site that they visit.

This plugin also takes care of blocking visitors from being counted based on your setting in the CoalaWeb Traffic component. [Figure-3]


System - CW Traffic Clean

This plugin carries out the automatic database clean up but only if you have it turned on in the Component Options. It will run in the background keeping the current data but delete out the old entries and then add them to a running total. It is recommended to turn this feature on. [Figure-4]


System - CW Traffic Online

This plugin will check who is online, record it to a cookie and to the database and lastly supply the information to the Traffic modules so they can display the currently online visitors. [Figure-5]


System - Gears

CoalaWeb Gears is a system plugin that is included with all CoalaWeb extensions. Think of it as a Swiss army knife full of great little tools that you can use with or without a CoalaWeb extension. [Figure 6]


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