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Facebook JS Change Log

Here you can find a detailed list of all the changes made to the CoalaWeb Facebook JS extension. It is laid out by version with sub headings for each part of the system that received updates. If you are looking to see which features were include in a release? Then you are in the right place.

Change Log

Version 1.0.6 September 2017

Plugin(S) - Facebook JS

  • (C) Updated GNU General Public License URL
  • (C) New description style and layout
  • (C) New format for messages
  • (C) Updated SDK to version 2.10
  • (C) New format for install script
  • (L) New and updated language strings

Plugin(S) - Gears

  • (C) Updated to version 0.4.2

Version 1.0.5 May 2017


  • (C) Updated copyright to 2017
  • (C) Minimum Joomla version is now 3.6
  • (C) Updated http to https
  • (L) Converted "_QQ_" to \" for Joomla 3.7 +

Plugin(S) - Facebook JS

  • (C) Code improvements
  • (L) Fixed language strings in install script
  • (L) Improved language file loading

Plugin(S) - Gears

  • (C) Updated to version 0.3.6

Version 1.0.4 May 2016

Plugin(S) - Facebook JS

  • (C) Improved extension checks before use

Version 1.0.3 May 2016

Plugin(S) - Facebook JS

  • (C) Facebook JS loaded by default
  • (C) Updated to Facebook JS version 2.6
  • (A) CoalaWeb extension detection for options
  • (A) SDK type option
  • (L) New and updated language strings

Plugin(S) - Gears

  • (C) Updated to version 0.2.2

Version 1.0.2 April 2016

  • (R) Dependency message
  • (C) Updated JResponse
  • (C) Changed JError to JLog for install script notices

Version 1.0.1 March 2016

  • (B) Missing jimport('joomla.filesystem.file')
  • (C) Name and date updates

Version 1.0.0 January 2016

  • (N) Made into separate extension


  • (S) Security Fix
  • (B) Bug Fix
  • (L) Language fix or change
  • (A) Addition
  • (C) Change
  • (R) Removed
  • (N) Note
Written by Steven Palmer Wednesday, 20 January 2016 Posted in Extensions, Facebook JS


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