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Date Guide

This guide will help you set up CoalaWeb Date quickly and easily taking full advantage of all its features. When you install a CoalaWeb extension all the parts of the system will be installed at the same time making installing, upgrading and uninstalling a breeze.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Updates
  3. Instructions
  4. Options
  5. Need More Help?


CoalaWeb Date gives Joomla administrators the power to display the current Date and Year in their Joomla content. Pro subscribers can Format the date for each use and or add Copyright information to any Joomla content item.

When installing all the parts of the system will be installed at the same time making installing, upgrading and uninstalling a breeze.


The CoalaWeb Date extension integrates with the inbuilt Joomla Update system so both Core and Pro users can keep their extension up to date. For Core users when you see updates listed in the Joomla update manager feel free to select it and update.

For Pro subscribers you will need to make sure you still have a valid subscription and that you have entered your Download ID into the System - CW Gears plugin. [Figure-1]

Not sure where to find your Download ID? Click HERE for more info.


Inside the CW Gears plugin options your will find a tab titled Updates and under it a Download ID input field. I recommend you copy and paste your Download ID into this field to reduce the risk of a typo and also to check for no spaces at the end. [Figure-1a]


The CW Gears plugin will take care of the Download ID for any CoalaWeb extensions that doesn't come with a component.

Where can I find my Download ID?

To see your Download ID you will need to log into and then go to:

Members -> My Subscriptions

You will then see the ID displayed in the module titled Download ID. [Figure-1b]


TIP: To stop any typos I recommend copying and pasting the download ID and also to check for no spaces at the end.


Core and Pro

To display the current date use the plugin code 2020-07-06 or for the current year use 2020 in your joomla content items such as articles and or custom modules.

Pro Only

To display the current date use the plugin code 2020-07-06 or in a specific format use 2020-07-06.

Date Formats:

  • LC1 = Saturday, 27 October 2017
  • LC2 = Saturday, 27 October 2017 12:40
  • LC3 = 27 October 2017
  • LC4 = 2017-10-27
  • JS1 = 17-10-27
  • LC4US = 2017-27-10
  • JS1US = 17-27-10
  • LC4R = 27-10-2017
  • JS1R = 27-10-17
  • LC4RUS = 10-27-2017
  • JS1RUS = 10-27-17

To display copyright information use the plugin code Copyright © 2020 CoalaWeb. All Rights Reserved.

TIP: When using the plugin code in a custom module make sure that the Prepare Content option is set to Yes.


To make it easier to follow I have broken up this section into two parts.


In this section you can choose what format you want the date to display in. Core users have 4 options while Pro subscribers have 11 options to choose from.

The options with a (J) come from the core Joomla language files. The options with a (CW) are extended options provided by CoalaWeb and are contained in this extension's language file. [Figure 2]



Pro subscribers also get the option to display Copyright information quickly and easily. The first option allows you to add a predefined From Year to be display before the current one but if you don't want one just leave this field blank.

The copyright text comes from a language string in the CoalaWeb Date extension's language files. The current website name as defined in your Joomla settings and the website root will be substitued into the copyright text unless you want to custimize them. To customize either of these items select Custom and a new custom field will appear allowing you to enter a website name and or a complete URL for Name Link. If you don't want the name to be a link you can also set the Name Link option to none. [Figure 2a]


Need More Help

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