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Before posting in the forum its a good idea to check the information in the extension guide and or here in the frequently asked question section. The FAQ will be expand as questions arise so always check here first to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

List of Questions

  1. How can I update the text starting: Do you have any idea in mind?
  2. CoalaWeb Contact form disappeared after upgrading to Joomla 3.8.0?
  3. How to set email sender to the contact form user?

How can I update the text starting Do you have any idea in mind?

The complete text will look something like:

Do you have any idea in mind? Contact us, we will give you the answer you expect.

I have a feeling you got CoalaWeb Contact with your template and the text you are referring to is part of a template override found inside your template html directory.

This text isn't actually part of the original extension (I wouldn't hard code text into my extensions as it doesn't support multiple languages) but to remove or change it you will have to open up the following location and search for the text in question.


CoalaWeb Contact form disappeared after upgrading to Joomla 3.8.0?

Please try clearing your Joomla Cache if you are not sure how here here is more info.

System → Clear Cache

I also highly recommend using Regular Labs awesome extension Cache Cleaner which I install on all my sites and makes clearing cache after making changes or installing updates a breeze.

How to set email sender to the contact form user?

  1. In your Joomla Mail Settings(See Below) make sure you have the From Email and From Name setup correctly.

    System → Global Configurtions → Server Tab
  2. Next in the CoalaWeb Contact component set the Mail From option under the General tab to Contact Form User and lastly make sure that you set the Email Field to Display and Required.

Now when you receive an email it should display the form user's email address as the sender.

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