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Change Extension Language

Are you using a CoalaWeb extension on a site with languages other than English? Read this guide to find out how to get it displayed in as many languages as you like with complete control.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Language Packs
  3. Language Override
  4. Tips
  5. Need More Help?


Most text used in both the front and back end of CoalaWeb extensions come from included language files making it very flexible for sites in other languages and or multi language sites.

1. Language Packs

The first thing to try is see if there is a language pack in your current language that will take care of the translation for you. Even if a language pack isn't 100% complete it is still worth trying as it might cover the main words you need. The language packs for all of the CoalaWeb extensions can be found Here.

2. Language Override

If there is still a word that you would like to modify or you would like to use a different word to what was used in the language pack you can use a language override which I cover in this Guide


Got translations skills?

If you have the skills and need a CoalaWeb extension in a particular language have a look through this Guide which covers the official process. If you 100% complete a language pack for an extension with a Pro version you will bag yourself a copy for free!

Need More Help

Do you have a question that wasn't covered by this GUIDE? Then it's time to drop by the Forum

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