I will be releasing a separate Joomla 4 version for each of my extensions and I'm aiming to have some ready in the next few weeks but this will also depend on any bugs that arise in the Joomla core code as more users staring using it.

Steven Palmer


Contact Guide

This guide will help you set up CoalaWeb Contact quickly and easily taking full advantage of all its features. When you install a CoalaWeb extension all the parts of the system will be installed at the same time making installing, upgrading and uninstalling a breeze.

Google Maps API Key

Are you are a CoalaWeb Contact Pro subscriber and you want to use the Google maps feature? In most cases you will need a Google Maps API Key but don'y worry we cover the process in this small step by step guide.

Manual Removal Guide

Sometimes a component will fail to install correctly or the system does not completely remove all the related component data while uninstalling. In cases such as these you can do it manually by following the steps in this guide.

Updating Guide

This guide will help users keep their component and non component based CoalaWeb extensions up to date. It will help both Core users and Pro subscribers update their CoalaWeb extensions through the Joomla updater as well as finding their Download ID.

Language Override

Do you need to change some text being used by a CoalaWeb extension on a multi lingual website? Your first step would be to install a language pack but what if you are looking to edit the name of a custom field? Then you need a language override.

Contact FAQ

Before posting in the forum its a good idea to check the information in the extension guide and or here in the frequently asked question section. The FAQ will be expand as questions arise so always check here first to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

Translation Guide

If you have the skills and need a CoalaWeb extension in a particular language have a look through this guide which covers the official process. If you help out with an extension that has a Pro version you will bag yourself a copy so why not read on to find out how.

Installation Guide

This guide will not only help you install CoalaWeb extensions but any Joomla extension from components to modules and plugins. It will walk you through the 4 ways to install an extension including Upload Package File, Install From Directory, Install From URL and Install from Web methods.


We will be glad to help you with any general or technical questions.