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Image Share Facebook


Image Share Facebook

I used previous version of Social Plugin. And while Share article via facebook - it took image from article as well as records Description & name.
Now it takes only some default image from home page for each article & default site metadata description.
Is this a bug or config issue?
Could you help me with this?

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Image Share Facebook



The short answer is Open Graph tags which are placed in the header of a page. Facebook will first look for these tags and then move on to scrapping the page to extract the details from the page.

Are you using the Free (Core) version or the Pro version of CoalaWeb Social Links?

The Pro version comes with a meta tags system that auto generates Open Graph tags and allows them to be overridden on a per item basis.

If you are using the Core version no problem there are loads of free Open Graph extension in JED here is a Link filtered for free open graph extensions.

To understand more about the sharing system I have also written a Guide with tips and info on the subject.



Hi! I'm Steve the founder and head developer of CoalaWeb design studios. I'm an avid supporter of open source projects and the GPL license.

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