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Note: Download IDs from prior to January 1st will no longer work with the Joomla updater (See More Info). Please download the latest versions manually from the download section. I'm currently in process of rolling out new versions of all my extensions that will start using the new "Download ID" as seen next to each subscription under the "Members" menu item.

Steven Palmer

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404 error on social component admin side


404 error on social component admin side


Bought your social extension a couple of weeks ago. Tried to implement today. Installed the product and as soon as I try to launch the component inside administrator side, it goes to the default joomla 404 page. component not found. I tried removing and reinstalling, but got the same result. Cleared all cache like it asked also...

Can you assist?

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404 error on social component admin side



Lets try to work out what the problem is to start I have a few questions.

What version of Joomla are you using?
What version of PHP does your site use?
Is you website live?
Can you try downloading a fresh copy of Social Links and install it over the top of your current one in case the first version got corrupted somehow.

If you are still having problem would you be able to give me admin access to your site so I can run some tests to work out what the issue is. If so you can send the details to this email:

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Hi! I'm Steve the founder and head developer of CoalaWeb design studios. I'm an avid supporter of open source projects and the GPL license.

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