Important Announcement

Subscriptions are currently suspended!

Unfortunately due to COVID 19 all the United States Application Support Centers (ASC) have been closed which has prevented the timely renewal of my work authorization. As a result I will be suspending the sale of all subscriptions until further notice. The suspension only affects new subscriptions and doesn't affect current subscriptions or new releases. Support for both Core and Pro versions will continue as usual. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Steven Palmer

Versions - Feature Comparison

Making the decision on whether to invest in a subscription can be a daunting one so to make it easier we have created a quick reference comparison chart so you can get all the facts.

Joomla updater
Pro functionality
Pro downloads and updates
Language support
Access to General Forum
Access to Pro Forum
Versions [P]COREPRO
Display Minimum Joomla Version
Display Current Joomla Version
Display Minimum PHP Version
Display Minimum MySQL Version
Display Minimum Browser Version
Display Extension Version (Installed)
Display Extension Version (Update XML File)
Custom Version Options 0 3


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