Note: Download IDs from prior to January 1st will no longer work with the Joomla updater (See More Info). Please download the latest versions manually from the download section. I'm currently in process of rolling out new versions of all my extensions that will start using the new "Download ID" as seen next to each subscription under the "Members" menu item.

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Traffic - Feature Comparison

Making the decision on whether to invest in a subscription can be a daunting one so to make it easier we have created a quick reference comparison chart so you can get all the facts.

General FeaturesCOREPRO
Joomla updater
Pro functionality
Pro downloads and updates
Language support
Access to General Forum
Access to Pro Forum
Install on multiple domains
Visitor Purge
Location Purge
Project Honeypot Blocking
Auto Database Cleanup
Proxy Check
Database Optimize/Repair
Auto Populate Robot Blocking List
Geo Location
Geo Database V2
Visitor Filters
Not Store Raw IP
Basic Robot Blocking
One Click GEO Update
GEO Data Refresh
Database Backup/Restore
Location Count System
Traffic [M]COREPRO
Digital Counter
Individual Counters
Layout options
Visitor Info
Who Is Online
Display Date
Turn Off Core CSS
Load Custom CSS
Traffic Pro [M][PRO]COREPRO
Fully Responsive
Outer Container Styling
Multi Column Layout
Digital Counter
Individual Counters
Visitor Info
Who Is Online
Who Is Online Flags
UIkit Framework
UIkit Prefix
Fully Responsive
Outer Container Styling
Multi Column Layout
Country Counters
Country Styling
Country Icons
City Counters
City Styling
City Icons
UIkit Framework
UIkit Prefix
Traffic Stats [AM][PRO]COREPRO
Joomla Control Panel
Individual Counters


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