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YouTube Channel art

Need to create YouTube Channel art?

YouTube Channel art

I recently needed to create some YouTube channel art for my new channel and I was finding the process quite confusing so after some research I fired up Inkscape and created a template.

The template is in SVG format and covers the following formats:

  • TV (2560 x 1440)
  • Desktop (2560 x 423)
  • Tablet (1855 x 423)
  • All Devices (1546 x 423)

To use it just open it up in Inkscape (or a vector capable editor) and replace the sections as needed. You can create some extra layers to work on and then unpublish the template layers before exporting your finished PNG image.

I have also included a finished example plus some screen-shots of how it looks on different devices now if you are ready to give it a go grab a copy from the link below.

If you find it helpful let me know via Twitter @CoalaWeb

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Steven Palmer

Steven Palmer

Hi! I'm Steve the founder and head developer of CoalaWeb design studios. I'm an avid supporter of open source projects and the GPL license.


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