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Update Sites Bug Fix

Fix duplicate update sites bug

Update Sites Bug Fix
Have you upgraded a CoalaWeb extension from Core to Pro in the past? Before installing any future releases please read this article to make sure it all goes smoothly.

For the past 6 months I have been streamlining the packaging and releasing system for CoalaWeb extensions to make it more efficient but in the process I noticed a small Update Sites bug slipped through.

Does it affect you?

It's easy to spot and just as easy to fix just open up your update sites list by going to:

Extensions -> Manage -> Update Sites

Next in the Search field type CoalaWeb to filter down the listed sites. If you look down the list and see any CoalaWeb extensions listed twice for the same extension one with core at the end of the URL and the other with Pro then this bug affects you, if you don't have any duplicates feel free to stop reading and get on with your life.

The fix

If you are reading this part I'm assuming your have a duplicate in your list but don't worry its an easy fix just disable the opposite one to the one you currently have installed:

  1. Currently have Pro installed = Disable site with core at the end of the URL
  2. Currently have Core installed = Disable site with pro at the end of the URL

Now that you have disabled the unneeded update site any future releases will be displayed correctly in your update list.

Note: When you install any future CoalaWeb releases the system will automatically remove the unneeded URL from your update sites list.

That's it all done!

If you have any follow up question feel free to contact me via Twitter @CoalaWeb

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Steven Palmer

Steven Palmer

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