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Traffic Core V1.1.6 Bug Fix

Unable to install/update the Geo database?

Traffic Core V1.1.6 Bug Fix

Are you using CoalaWeb Traffic Core version 1.1.6 or below and are unable to install/update the Geo database? If so read on to find out how to get it fixed quickly and easily.


The Geo database that was used in the Core version of CoalaWeb Traffic has recently been discontinued by MaxMind.


To fix this issue all you have to do is install CoalaWeb Traffic version 1.1.7+ and then install the new Geo Lite 2 database through the Geo Manage section of the CoalaWeb Traffic component.

Thats it your system should now be fixed.

If you have any follow up question feel free to contact me via Twitter @CoalaWeb

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Steven Palmer

Steven Palmer

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