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Subscriptions are currently suspended!

The sale of CoalaWeb subscriptions are currently suspended. I will be posting more information very soon. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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Subscription/Release System

Completely overhauled subscription and release system

Subscription/Release System

We have recently finished completely overhauling our subscription and release system which means CoalaWeb subscriptions are back!

In the long term this will improve stability and allow us to extend our features such as expanding and improving our payment systems. As with any big change we expect there to be some teething problems so if you experience any problems while using our new system please let us know so we can fix them as soon as possible.

Main Changes


There have been some changes made to the main menu of to accommodate the new subscription/release system. The main one is a new Subscribe section that outlines all our products and their accompanying subscription options in one place which should make finding what you are looking for fast and easy. Next the Downloads section has been streamlined to one menu item All Releases which links to a section displaying all the download categories including Pro and Core versions.

Known Issues

Joomla Updater

Over the next few releases of our extensions will be making changes to our Joomla update integration to accommodate the new system. For Pro subscribers there's a good chance that the next release at least will have to be downloaded from to allow us to make the needed changes.

Minimum Versions (New Release System)

If you are a Pro subscriber and you are using an older version please manually download the latest version and after installing it don't forget to use your new Download ID from the My Subscriptions page.

To see a list of CoalaWeb extensions and their minimum version required to use the new release. (Introduced January 1st 2020) Click Here

Migration of data

All of our users and their subscription data has been migrated over to the new system so your active subscription will continue as usual and all your subscription info can be viewed in the Members area. All new invoices will be displayed in the new member area and if you need access to an older invoice just let us know and will email you a copy.


We have been working hard try to make sure all our old links have been updated but we expect that a few have fallen through the crack so once again if you see a dead link or a link going to the wrong place do us a favor and let us know so we fix them as soon as possible.

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Steven Palmer

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