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Renewal Discounts Expanded

Rewarding our loyal subscribers

Renewal Discounts Expanded
Our discount policy regarding subscription renewals now includes upgrade and downgrade renewal discounts. The discount is applied automatically during checkout.

We are grateful for your continued use of CoalaWeb products and we want to reward you for your loyalty. Our community is what allows us to expand, improve and refine our products so it's only fair you get a reward in return. Renewing early will not lose you any subscription time; the renewal will become active when your existing subscription expires.

We have now included a complete upgrade and downgrade renewal system to make sure you get the discounts you deserve while upgrading or downgrading an existing subscription.
If you have any follow up question feel free to contact me via Twitter @CoalaWeb
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Steven Palmer

Hi! I'm Steve the founder and head developer of CoalaWeb design studios. I'm an avid supporter of open source projects and the GPL license.


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