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Facebook has made changes to the ( method which I use to share in both the CoalaWeb Social Links & Tabs modules. I'm currently looking into a solution. Thanks Steve.


Joomla Day Australia

Sydney 2013

Joomla Day Australia
The keynote was delivered by Andrew Eddie, one of the founders of Joomla.

On Saturday the 19th of October I attended the Joomla Day Sydney Conference. The theme for this event was 'responsive' and the 70+ people that attended were treated to a dazzling amount of information.

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CoalaWeb Flair

Joomla Module - Version 0.0.3 Released with J3.+ support!

CoalaWeb Flair

CoalaWeb Flair is a Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ module that lets you display your flair from several StackExchange sites individually or combined into one. You can choose which StackExchanges accounts to display and from one of four style variations for each of them.

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