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CoalaWeb Contact Language Packs

Community contributed language packs for CoalaWeb Contact.

Note: CoalaWeb language files come in an installable package so install them like any other Joomla extension. Now that’s easy isn't it!


Downloading and installing of community contributed language files is done so at your own risk. CoalaWeb is not responsible for the content, accuracy or suitability of any of the language packs provided by community members.

Stable 0.0.2

Released on:
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 16:09
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Here you will find language packs contributed by the community for CoalaWeb Contact Version 0.0.2. If there isn’t one listed for your language you can try the previous version or drop by the forum and help create one.

Current Languages

en-GBEnglish (Great Britain) en-GB Thanks to Steven Palmer

hu-HUHungarian (Hungary) hu-HU Thanks to Jakab Tamás

pt-BRPortuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Thanks to Carosouza

grGreek (Greece) el-GR Thanks to Dimitris Siakavelis

itItalian (Italy) it-IT Thanks to Tenz

arab-league Arabic (Unitag) ar-AA Thanks to Hossam aldeen Hassan

fr French (France) fr-FR Thanks to Xavier Bourban

Release notes

Version 0.0.2 January 2014

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